Saturday, December 21, 2013


My plans were to be super-laser-like focused right after graduation, but I found that I have been completely wishy-washy in what I want to work on. Don't get me wrong, the laser-focus is in full effect for marketing my current books, but for writing, I can't seem to stick with any one project.

First I was working on my zombie book. I was really into it, but then I reached a point where I wasn't into it. At all. I'm the kind of writer that feels that a reader can sense whether or not a writer is passionate about what they're writing. I can tell when I'm reading books, so I figure everyone else can too. So, if I'm not "feeling" a book, I feel obligated to stop working on it.

The second book I started working on was a new YA series, but again, after the first 5,000 words, it was like a passionless brick wall.

The third book I started working on was the sequel to Alexis Tappendorf. Now that's a book I'm into. I love the characters and I love writing adventure. But I'm finding that I can't seem to connect with my audience. The kids that have read it have loved it (thank goodness!) but it's actually really hard to get kids books into the hands of kids! Kids books have to be advertised to the parents not the kids because they are the ones who decide and purchase books for their children. In an indie market, this has been very difficult for me. So, the dilemma I'm in is: do I finish the second book, or do I work on another book that I know I can market?

The answer? I'm working on my sequel to Atlas next. I have all these ideas rolling around in my head and I'm really excited to get them all down on paper. For now, I'm going to continue to research for Alexis, but I'm starting book two of Atlas. I miss writing Kala! So here goes!

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