Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Marketing, marketing, marketing.

Seriously, this is a bigger job than the writing itself especially when you have little to no money. I’m hoping word of mouth will work in my favor, but I have to actually get it into people’s hands for the whole word of mouth thing to work, lol.

It’s been quite a road. I remember when I was about six-years-old and I made a pair of cardboard shoes. I thought they were just about the best pair of shoes EVER and I decided that I could sell them. So I spent all afternoon cutting cardboard bottoms and fastening ribbons to them. In the end I think I had about seven pairs of shoes that I actually went door to door to sell! I look back and it’s hilarious.

But I also feel a pang of jealously. I’m jealous of that six-year-old me that believed so much in my creation that going door to door felt like I was doing the world a service by offering them my homemade shoes.

If I could just tap into that part of me and come out swinging…

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