Sunday, June 13, 2010

You could get hit by a bus...

I always use this saying because let’s face it: life is short and you could literally get hit by a bus.

I try to live by this motto though sometimes it’s hard. The practical, worrisome part of the brain tries to creep in from time to time, but overall the bottom line is that if you don’t do what you love in life you’ll be miserable. I know a lot of people that have settled for what pays the bills and have lost sight of their true passions in life. This is worse than death for me because if I gave up my dreams I’d just be a walking zombie.

I’ve been writing stories since I was five-years-old and never saw myself doing anything else whether it’s for movies, TV or novels. It’s been and still is a hard road to success, but honestly, giving up isn’t a part of the way my brain works. It’s unfathomable to me. Writing is what makes me feel alive. It’s what makes me truly happy. Whether or not I ever make a dime, I’ll be content as long as I have a pen and paper.

I try to keep myself as disciplined as possible so that I can have some finished products, but let’s face it; product has never been a problem for me. Quality, not so sure, but quantity, not an issue. I’ve written over forty feature scripts, at least twenty TV pilots, comics, graphic novels and I just finished my first book. I just wish they weren’t all sitting on my shelf collecting dust, lol ☺

A part of my “hit by a bus” motto is to swallow my fear of people and get myself out there. I’m ridiculously shy with people I don’t know and it’s held me back from some pretty great opportunities. I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to just ask for what I want in life. It’s like I don’t want to impose even though I’m fully aware that this is how the entertainment industry works, nepotism and “favor asking.”

So my first step to success will be to go for it no matter how socially excruciating it is for me because I could get hit by a bus. (of course, if the universe is listening, I really don't want to get hit by a bus! ☺)

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  1. You go girl!! I can't wait to read your book!