Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Riser Saga… This blog is dedicated to all the ups and downs of my writing process. Writing is my biggest passion and I can’t imagine my life without it. The Riser Saga is a series of books I’m writing that follows the harrowing adventures of teenager, Chelsan Derée, and her fight for survival in a dystopian future. I’ve written the first two books, Riser and Reaper, and I’m currently writing the third and final book in the trilogy, Ripper. It’s such a blast writing a character like Chelsan, her power to control anything dead within a four-mile radius, lends itself to some pretty crazy action sequences. Set in a futuristic world where as long as you take a little pill called Age-pro, you can live forever. Of course, it doesn’t stop death. You can still get hit by a hover-car or be stabbed by a mugger or fall off a cliff. But as long as you steer clear from freak accidents and take your Age-pro you can be immortal. I wrote the books in first person through Chelsan’s eyes. I’ve always said that I mentally never made it past fifteen, so writing as a teenager felt right at home. I can’t believe I’m on the final book of the trilogy. It makes me savor everyday. Some days are harder than others because sometimes I haven’t quite figured out exactly what I want to happen next. I always outline everything. But the outlines are loose and the story inevitably ends up evolving into something even I wasn’t expecting. That’s always the best feeling when your own characters rise up and tell the story for you, surprising you in ways you never predicted.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Becca. I would really like to read these books and watch the movies. How can i get a signed copy? I'm excited to know i attend school with an established author. Do you think you can help me write a short film? Keep up the hard work. I look forward to reading your books.